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30 Random Kisses
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30 Kisses

01.Moonlight 02.Ocean Breeze 03.Hot 04.Cold 05.Fire
06.Snow 07.Motorcycle 08.Coffee 09.Medicine 10.Chocolate
11.Ambition 12.Tattoo 13.Magic 14.Inch 15.Myth
16.Epic 17.Rock & Roll 18.Disco 19.Abnormal 20.Universe
21.Gold 22.Silver 23.River 24.Wager 25.Wind
26.Jazz 27.Crystal 28.Blues 29.Club 30.Den

The Challenge:
This is a community devoted to multi-fandom fan fiction based around a series of kisses dealing with themes. You choose a fandom, a couple, and write a fan fiction dealing with one of the themes in the list. You write one fan fiction per theme and may use any fandom/couple you want.

The requirements are as follows:

1. Your fiction must be labeled with your fandom, your couple, a rating, and the theme you are using for the fiction.
2. No rape, incest, or graphic descriptions of sexual abuse. No Real Person Fiction.
3. All pairings (slash included) are allowed.
4. Please use spell check.
5. Use one of the following ratings:
a. FRAA – Fan Rated All Audiences
b. FR13 - Fan Rated guidance suggested under 13 years old. (mild violence, mild sexual innuendo)
c. FR17 – Fan Rated No children under 17. (adult themes, sexual themes, violence)
d. FRAO – Fan Rated Adults Only (graphic sexual description, graphic violence, mature themes)
6. Please list all warnings you feel appropriate for your fiction (character death, slash, threesome, foursome, rough sex, etc)
7. Place the text of your story in an lj cut. If you don’t know how to use one, follow this link to learn how: lj cut
8. You can jump around the list. You do not have to go in order.
9. You can choose multiple fandoms and multiple couples, or you can do all the kisses in the same fandom with the same couple. It’s your choice.

Any questions can be posted to the community, and I’ll respond there. You may not be the only one with questions and others may be asking the same question you are. It’ll help everyone.

If you have any problems or questions involving plagiarism or any other participant of the community, contact me personally at tasullens001@alltel.net

Happy Writing!